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Child Protection


Child protection lessons are usually run in Term 3 at our school. 

Young children can be taught ways to protect themselves. They can be ‘enlightened without being frightened'. Children are taught to network with trusted adults and to be aware that there are people and services to help them within their community.

In the past, many children and young people received little or no information about what constitutes abuse or when, how and where abuse occurs. It is important to give students enough information so that, if faced with a situation of potential abuse, they can react quickly and seek protection effectively.

It is important that students learn:

·       about feeling safe and their right to be safe

·       to recognise appropriate touching and inappropriate touching

·       that appropriate touching is an important part of positive         


·       that they have a right to say NO to a person who touches

        them inappropriately or threatens their safety

·       that it is important to tell trusted adults about such situations

·       that they may have to keep on telling people until they are


·       that help is available to them within their communities

Acknowledging and addressing the issue of child abuse can help to remove the secrecy that protects the offender and can help prevent the lasting emotional damage caused to the victims by silence.